Greg's 2000 S4 - For Sale!!


This little rocket replaced the 1991 200q (which I still miss...)

This is one FINE little car. It's a lot smaller than the 200 (the back seat is not really usable for two adults for very long) but it SCOOTS. TONS of torque and a 6-speed transmission which it doesn't really need. I smile whenever I drive this car. It's pretty much a stock 2000 S4 except for some items listed below. And you now what? This car doesn't need to be modified. It's "Done Right" from the factory. Sure a lot of guys want more (can you ever have "enough" horsepower?) but I like it the way it is. Highly recommended, two thumbs up.

I am the original owner having obtained it on lease in May of 2000, then I purchased it off-lease in the summer of 2003.

Factory Delivered Specs:

Aftermarket Modifications from stock:

Comes with:

Current Condition:

Repairs/Maintenance to date (as of 08/2011, ~141K miles):


Why Sell?

I decided to lease a new VW GTI. The S4 is running great and is not giving any indication of trouble, and I'd not hesitate to take it across the country if needed; I just had the "I wannas" for a new car.

How Much?

KBB show this car in excellent condition with a retail value of about $6,800. There are some immediate "opportunities" listed above that will add to initial costs (and I'm willing to help out with the installation if you buy the parts). On the other hand, the car comes with a complete set of BBS wheels with summer tires and the original Avus wheels with winter tires, and don't forget that new in boxes APR exhaust.

Given all this, the asking price for the car is $7500, or $8500 if you feel the need to negotiate. If someone wants to buy the exhaust separately, I'll lower the price of the car appropriately.

I'd Like To See It!

Car is located in Middletown CT and can be made available for review and test drives most weekends. Contact Greg Amy (grega03*at* to arrange it.

Photos from 12/30/07

Photos from 08/2010