1993 Nissan NX2000

Bought January 2007 as a street car. Pics from the original sales listing:


Where? Central Connecticut

Pics? Here's what the car looked like when I bought it. It pretty much looks exactly the same except the airdam and nose is painted, the rockers are removed (see details below), and it's sporting Kosei K1Ts wheels now.

How much? Negotiable. Review the list and all that comes with it, and do a mental tally. Make a reasonable offer and we can go from there.

"Will you sell xxx from it"?/"Are you parting out?" I'd prefer to sell everything as a package.

"Will you deliver?" Maybe, if you live someplace interesting and cover all expenses, including the flights home for me and my wife. I'm game for a good highway cruise...

The Details.

I'm probably missing something, but if I am I'll add it in here after.

1993 NX2000

- Electric Blue
- 191,xxx miles on chassis.
- ZERO rust, came from the Carolinas. NEVER driven in the snow.
- Body is in great shape, only a few minor door dings
- Front airdam in great shape.
- Comes with another uninstalled FACTORY NEW OLD STOCK front airdam
- Foglights removed but parts included.
- Euro H4 headlights with installed functional height adjustment switch
- "Whited out" front turn signals with yellow bulbs
- Side plastic rocker panels removed (personal preference) and NX1600 rock guards installed. Original rocker panels are included.
- Tinted glass, side and rear.
- T-tops do NOT leak, but the visible rubber edges on the glass are cracked.
- T-top interior shades in great shape, no damage, comes with OE t-top bags
- Overall paint is "ok" but it could use an overall spray.
- Comes with mold for making aftermarket Fiberglas airdam/splitter (from the race car days).

- SR20VE engine, installed summer 2008. Runs great.
- Engine oil on Mobil One since I got it, changed every 3000 miles.
- Hotshot Gen 6 header, 3" collector outlet, to 3" VRS exhaust, Walker catalytic converter. Passes Connecticut dyno-based emissions.
- VRS Exhaust uses Borla muffler; installed removable exhaust outlet insert to control highway "drone"
- Comes with uninstalled brand-new-in-box Dynomax VT muffler
- Hotshot CAI with K&N air filter, configurable with either in-engine and in-fender air intake tubes (both included)
- CalumSult RealTime ECU installed and tuned.
- Comes with un-tuned Megasquirt.
- MSD switcher for cams, relayed.
- Nissan Motorsports Radiator.
- Engine installed with all new hoses, water pump, thermostat, etc.
- Oil pan slightly dented (came that way from Japan), but...
- Comes with uninstalled BRAND NEW factory VE oil pump and pickup tube.
- Comes with uninstalled BRAND NEW Greg Vogel underdrive aluminum crank pulley, specifically made for VE engine
- Comes with a pair of uninstalled, completely BRAND-NEW uninstalled N1 cams.
- Optima Vortex battery ("red top").

- FACTORY BRAND NEW RFS32V transaxle, installed Summer 2008.
- Fidanza aluminum flywheel
- JWT clutch pressure plate w/ 2000 Sentra disc
- Andreas Miko-modified clutch cable bracket
- Two BRAND NEW Empi axles installed Summer 2008
- Short shift kit
- Energy Suspensions front engine dogbone link, and front shifter rod bushing.

- Stock, except for:
- Progress rear swaybar
- Active Tuning rear strut tower brace
- Comes with both NX2000 and NX1600 front swaybars (uninstalled - I'm not running one). I recommend the GA16 bar if you want to install one.
- Comes with a pair of uninstalled used Whiteline front caster control arm bushings.
- Comes with a set of Eibach Pro springs, not yet installed.

- Stock front calipers/rotors, with generic pads
- Comes with three sets of good used Hawk Blue pads for track days
- Stock rear brakes, generic pads
- Goodrich SS brake lines
- Stock master cylinder
- Comes with uninstalled BRAND NEW 15/16" Altima SE master cylinder (nice upgrade)
- Comes with uninstalled BRAND NEW Maxima rear brakes: new rotors, new calipers, new pads (nice upgrade)

- 15x7 Kosei T1S wheels
- Comes with one extra Kosei K1TS, unmounted.
- Kumho ECSTA ASX 205/50-15 tires, nearly-full tread since new summer 2009, fewer than 5000 miles.

- Momo Start steering wheel
- B14 front seats
- Cruise control, controls installed on dash panel
- Some kind of JVC stereo with removable faceplate
- NGK air/fuel ratio gauge
- Factory NEW shift knob in perfect shape.
- A/C completely refurbished Summer 2011 with new compressor, new rec/dryer, new exp valve, new engine compartment hoses, all new o-rings, converted to R-134.
- Aluminum rear trunk cover hinges.

Extra parts included, in addition to that listed above:
- Good used black hood
- Two good used black fenders
- Good used black hatch
- Two new front inner fender liners as well as engine side plastic covers (none are currently installed on car)
- Some limited used parts removed from wrecked car, such as bumpers, steering rack, some suspension components
- Two extra pair used outside mirrors
- Two extra pair rear tail lights
- Box of misc used replacement parts of unknown value. I've been collecting parts for these cars for a decade...

Why Sell?

Boredom, mostly. Except for people that have a lot less "automotive ADHD" than I do, project cars tend to be "relay races": some guy starts the project, gets to a point and loses interest, the next guy grabs the baton and goes a bit further, then loses interest, and so on. That's why you'll see cars sitting out on blocks behind the house, cars that "I'll get to some day". I, however, recognize the boredom and would absolutely HATE to have something like this rot itself into the ground while trying to convince myself I'll "get around to it someday", I'd much rather pass that baton onto someone else that can appreciate it.

I've enjoyed these cars since I had one new in 1992, and the SR20VE made it even better (Nissan shoulda brought that engine into this country, it would have competed well with maybe even the Integra Type R). I got this car from a guy that kept it in good condition, did my mechanical magic to it, and now it's time to pass it on to someone that'll finish up the details.

Who's the right person to pick up that baton...?


Older pics. Have Kosei wheels now, RF fender no longer has that dent, and that airdam, nose, and rear spoiler is painted.