Greg's "Finest Year" BMW K100RS - SOLD!!

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The Story

Yes, I did. I bought a BMW K100RS. Because I wanted to, that's why.

I used to have a Honda CB550K which I enjoyed driving around locally, but after my father's trip from Louisiana to Connecticut to visit me, I thought about buying a bike that I could tour around on. After asking his advice, he told me a BMW would be a good choice.

I began a search in earnest, and decided I liked the K "brick" engine a lot. Nice, modern technology. Using the Internet BMW Rider's web site, I started reading and learning. I narrowed the search to a K100RS, a K100RT, or a K75S. Due to costs, I narrowed it down to 1985-1987.

Believe it or not, I found one on eBay at a good price and bid on it. The bike was in Virginia, very near to Gaithersburg. After talking to the owner, we agreed that my bid would not be binding until I had a chance to look it over. I won the bid.

Through the IBMWR mailing list, I found a lister that lived near by (Gerry Barton), and he offered to go look at it for me. His resultant review email was very promising, and the bike was at a good price, so I bought it sight unseen. Wait, it gets even more strange...

So, here I am, a new owner of a bike I had never seen before. I asked the now-previous owner to take it to a local BMW dealer, Rockville Harley-Davidson in Gaithersburg to have it checked out. It turns out that Rockville H-D is literally 1/2 mile from the Gaithersburg airport; my plan was to have the bike looked over carefully for brake problems (that Gerry commented on), check the bike out overall, and I would have a friend drop me off at the airport and I'd drive it home.

Rockville H-D ended up replacing the front pads, bled the brakes, and rewired a headlamp problem, all on 10/29/99 at 40625 miles. I was ready to roll!

So, I had a friend of mine fly me to GAI, we had lunch, and I literally walked over to Rockville H-D to get the bike. We verified everything was ready to go, and off I went, having never met the previous owner at all! Bizarre! Everything was handled by email and FedEx!

To this point in my riding career, I had never ridden over about an hour. Now, I was about to tackle a 300-mile, 7-hour drive in some of the most congested parts of the country. But that's another story...

Purchased 10/99 at 40600 miles

So, why for sale?

So, why am I giving very serious thought to trading this cherry K100RS?

Bottom line: I just didn't have the time to ride it. It's a great bike in excellent condition, but like my old 1991 200q20v I knew that it did it no good to be driven every once in a while when I felt like it. I'd rather have seen it go to someone else who could ride it and care for it than let it rot in my backyard 'cause I "wuz gonna git aroun' to it" some day.

Too bad, as I'll miss it, but there's always the future...