(ex) Greg's CSX!

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1987 Shelby CSX #090

VIN 1B3BS44E4HN498851

Original owner, bought new November 1988

SCCA Showroom Stock A competition and Pro Endurance events, raced 1988-1991

Parked in Texas 1992-1994, reborn in CT 1995, street-driven since

Original racing logbooks and rollcage

138,000 total miles

Deviations from stock:


-Brand-new overhauled engine ($2500 worth), zero time on it thus far. For the details on how and why, select this link.

-Blueprinted cross-drilled long block
-.030" decked block for zero-quench
-Intake manifold halves matched and port-matched to that head
-Degreed stock camshaft, new lifters 1996
-"Indy Intercooler" from Neil Hanneman c.1990
-Stock, original turbocharger
-ND Performance 14.5psi logic module, or a Mopar Performance Stage II computer.
-K&N air filter
-Mobil 1/Valvoline synthetic always, every 3-5K miles or after each race weekend.
-Various new and replaced minor components over the last 2 years, such as hoses, belts, motor mounts, etc. Email for details
-The original unmodified "numbers match" block and tranny case are still available, unassembled, with some miscellaneous internal parts.


New in 1997 custom 2.5" to 3" system, from stock header tube back, running through a Walker 3" Ultraflow muffler with  two 3" outlets straight back. Not quiet.


-1987 A-555 transaxle
-Shelby Performance clutch-type limited slip differential
-Direct Connection chromoly end plate
-Sachs clutch for a 1988 Daytona T-II
-Rebuilt driveshafts, 1997
-Peters solid "dog bone" torque link
-3 new engine mounts, 6/98


-Koni Adjustable shocks/struts
-Stock springs, front springs cut 1 coil
-Stock swaybars with new OEM bushings

-Daytona "Pumper" wheels, 15x6.5" (they look good on this car.) Tires are Remington 225/50-15, brand new 2/98, only 500 miles since.
-Original factory "Centurion" wheels also included


-1988 Voyager Kelsey-Hayes brakes in front.
-1987 Daytona disks, rear
-1988 Voyager master cylinder


Paint chips and nicks here and there, small scratches, and the nose is chipped up from the 130mph rocks...

The car ran SCCA club and Pro events for 3 years. All of the Shelby-specific parts are there and in good shape.

The installed seats are a set of Shadow ES Sport seats, nice factory "recaro-like" with side bolsters.

Other items of note:

-Radio delete option
-Alpine alarm with proximity detection

Other Items Included:

-The rollcage and a window net. It's a full 6-point SCCA Showroom Stock cage.

-All the factory shop manuals, including the Shelby Service Manual Supplement and the factory Dodge Drivability Supplement, all drilled and bound in a very large binder (this weighs 20 pounds on its own...)

-The original 1987 CSX seats, complete. They are in nice shape, and I just recently had the driver's side seat bottom recovered in factory material (it suffered from the dreaded "CSX seat split" syndrome as they all do...)

-The original numbers-match engine block, a bare cylinder head, a couple of crankshafts and a set of rods. Except for the engine block I do not know the source and/or condition of these parts. These are in Wichita Falls TX

-Some of the factory CSX decals. Before they went NLA I bought some "CSX" and "Intercooled" decals and some of the gray lower body decals, left side mostly. It's not a full set. Plus, I have a NLA roll of 3M Vivid Blue striping tape, which was used to stripe the belt line moldings.

-A Mark Panos-made "SHELBY" windshield decal. The car currently does not have a windshield decal on it.

-The original built sheet, although I found it under the carpet soaking wet, and it's virtually illegible

-Some kind of factory production metal "shield" which was hung on the rear-view to let the workers know it was a Shelby. Found it under the carpet as well...

$No Longer for Sale$

For a time I have been advertising the car for sale. Since then, we've spent a lot of time and money getting it back together with the goal of restoring it to the same way it was for SCCA Showroom Stock or World Challenge competition.

Well, after spending a lot of cash trying to restore the car to almost-new, I'm basically giving up. I have made an agreement to sell the car to the guy that's been working on it all this time. Maybe he can spend his spare time making it like new.

I'll miss the car, as it's a blast to drive. However, it's time (after 12 years) to move on.