CT 10

Why are there several spurs from major highways going to Route 10 along its length? (40 connector off I-91, exit 29 off I-84, Rt 72 in Plainville, exit 39 off I-84just to name a few)

CT 10 Expressway, from New Haven to the Massachusetts border

Since the 10 Expressway was never built, there really aren't any photos of it. However, there is evidence throughout CT in the form of strangely inappropriate multi-lane access roads.

For instance, the Route 40 Connector seems out of place; it's a multi-lane road from Interstate 91 to route 10 in Mount Carmel. Same goes for Route 34; although it ends under the parking garage in New Haven, the clear-cut access for Route 34 is obvious as it meets up with Route 10. All of these roads were to link up Route 10 with the rest of the world.

I'll add these linkups here as I find them.

Route 40 Connector, I-91 to Route 10

Route 34, I-91/95 intersection to Route 10