CT 34

Seems rather odd that four-lane Route 34 ends under a parking garage in downtown New Haven. Did that building get dropped there by a UFO or something?

CT 34 Expressway, from New Haven to Derby, then on to "Super 7" in Ridgefield and NY Route 35

Here's where CT 34 highway ends in New Haven, just a mile or so from its beginning. It terminates under a parking garage in downtown New Haven. The underside of the parking garage is the highway, with a below-grade level, but they're parking cars on it now. Further, the below-grade area termines at the backside of the garage, with a clear zone extending northwest behind it. Some day...?

The first picture faces southeast, and I made counterclockwise turns around it from there.

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Here's some of where Route 34 crosses Super 8. It's obvious that there were some bigger plans afoot...

Facing northwest.

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