Out with the old...


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In with the new!!

The Tiger



In-Flight Paint photos, taken by Walt Porter, with Stu Morse flying the photo ship

Photos from Bob Gibson

  Photos from Victor Taylor

Photos that Thea took...

Interior Photos, Courtesy Tim Solms

Photos from Jim Sleigh

The original pictures from Jose Gibert

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This is a photo taken by Christine Kukel at the Y2k AOPA open House. One of my favorites.

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This one is at Blue Ash OH for the 2001 AYA Convention. Roscoe took a shot of me cleaning the cat prior to the start of the week.

At AOPA headquarters, interviewing and photographing for the AOPA Pilot article


The following photos were sent to me in 2006 by Glenn Piccininno of SoCal. He saw this web page and recognized the tail number; he said he was half-owner with Bill Wilson of N81140 back on the mid-90s.