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Gustave Whitehead Links

The following are web references I've found on Gustave Whitehead that have not been added to the web ring. If you are the caretaker for any of these pages please feel free to join the webring. If you know of any other pages, please send them to me so I can list them here.

Gustave Whitehead's Flying Machine - by Megan Adams. Likely the best and most complete compilation of information on the subject.


Did He Beat the Wright Brothers into the Sky? -

The Legend of No. 21 -

Did He Beat the Wright Brothers into the Sky?Whitehead 21 3 view -

The Pioneers - Monash University

American Aerospace Pioneers - Gustave Whitehead - Hill Aerospace Museum

Gustave Whitehead Museum - Leuterhausen, Germany

Gustave Whitehead and His 1901 Airplane - Trumbull (CT) Historical Society (dead link, new location not found)

Pioneer Flyers - Gustave Whitehead

Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company - Gustave Whitehead and his "mythical" flight (dead link. It appears all references to Whitehead have been removed form this site?)

The "Who Flew First" Debate - Flight Journal Magazine, October 1998

Who Flew First? - Stratford (CT) Day (dead site?)

Did the Wrights Fly first? - (article missing)

Did You Know? - (dead site)

Biographical --

Experiments with Motor-Driven Aeroplanes - more A reprint of the September 1903 Scientific American article

Gustaqve Whitehead and the First Flight Controversy - Aviation History. A good bio.

Daily Flight Log - Micahel McCaffery

Timeline - Did the Wrights Fly First? -

Did He Actually Fly Before the Wright Brothers? - Air Sports Magazine, June 1998

Letters to the Editor - Air Sports Magazine, letter from William J. O'Dwyer

Biographical - Aerofiles

(unknown) - Magnus Magazine

(unknown - in German) - references to possibly detailed weights and measures on Number 21

New England Air Museum - Windsor Locks CT at the Bradley Airport. Worth the visit.

Captain's Cove Seaport - where the Kosch team's replica resides, available for viewing by appointment

Ten Wrongs Don't Make a Right

UN HERMANO COMO LOS DE AQUI - Hanger Siete (Spanish)

Weißkopf vs. Wright? - Börje Björkman

Wright or Wrong? - (dead link) AOPA.CH

Cliff Robertson - (dead link) describing his flight in the No21 replica

Whitehead Claims to Be The First... - "Model Flying Machines"

Where's the Harm in Claiming Local Firsts? - editorial, Herald-Dispatch

The Bruce Museum, Greenwich CT did an exhibition entitled Gustave Whitehead: First In Flight? November 8th, 2003 - February 15th, 2004. I attended it, and it was a very good exhibition with much supporting documentation, photos, and models.

Google Search for "Gustave Whitehead"


CT Post Articles

During the week of August 13th 2000, the Connecticut post had a series of articles regarding the 100th anniversary of Gustave Whitehead's flight. Following are links to those articles. Unfortunately, it seems that the CT Post has either moved those articles or deleted them (how short-sighted !) If anyone can find these links, I'd be glad to re-create them.

Sikorsky son doubts Whitehead flew before the Wright bros. (dead link)

Bridgeport's Gustave Whitehead was the 1st to fly, some say, but a century later they still lack proof (dead link)

Local leaders endorse new effort to prove Whitehead flight claims (dead link)


Who am I?

I'm Greg Amy, and I live in CT. I have recently become very interested in the local history, and because I'm a pilot that interest has turned to the efforts of Gustave Whitehead.

I attended a presentation in Bridgeport given by Andy Kosch, the gentleman involved in the mid-80's with the building and flying of the Whitehead replica. I have become convinced of his position, even more so when I researched it further.

Trying to learn more I naturally turned to the Internet. I was dismayed to find that there was no real central authoritative depository of information on Gustave Whitehead, that it all seemed to be a confederation of a lot of good information. I was also surprised to find that there was no central domain registered to gather this info. It is my goal to change this.

I spoke with Mr. Kosch in some detail after his presentation, and he is not especially "Internet-literate." He's working to change that, so in the interim I took it upon myself to gather as much Internet-available information I could find. My first step in this gathering is the formation of a Gustave Whitehead web ring.

A webring is a free-of-charge service whereby those interested in participating submit their URLs, and those web pages are linked via a "ring." This negates the need to add links on every web page of a certain subject, all you need to do is add some HTML code that refers web surfers to the "next" site. The links are centrally managed, therefore if one site were to change location then that site's owner only has to update their information in one place, and all others are effectively notified. Even better, if one were to continue to select "Next" within the webring links, that person would eventually end up back where they started, back to the beginning of the ring.

I invite you to submit your web site's information to join the web ring. I again stress that it's free of charge, and once you've submitted your information and added the appropriate HTML code to your web site I will add you to the ring. I'm doing this on a volunteer basis, and I assure you that I am simply an interested enthusiast working from my home.

Eventually, given the interest I'd like to register the domain name "". The goal is to create a simple informational web page (probably the webring home page) and direct it to that, but my main purpose is to reserve this domain name for Andy Kosch and his crew. Once Andy is up to speed on the Internet I will give him all rights to the domain name. I've considered registering other domain names as well, but I felt this one was the most appropriate; I welcome your opinions.

I thank you for your interest, and I hope that in the future the word will get out even more about the exploits and successes of Gustave Whitehead. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Greg Amy
Milford, CT