Free-Thinking Greg's Car History
Idea Courtesy of author Peter Egan

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c.1977-78: 1968 (?) VW Type 4 bus

Mom's car, rolled it at age 14 showing off with some kids early in the AM while delivering newspapers, 1978. Broke right clavicle, had surgery. Not a good start to driving career! Family replaced it with 1978 Dodge Aspen Wagon.

c.1978: 1978(?) Dodge Aspen Wagon

Our family's attempt at "going American", was the replacement for the VW van. I added a stereo system to it, didn't do much else with it. Hey, it was a Dodge wagon...

c.1981-1982: Parents' two VW diesel Rabbits

One white German-built with sunroof and one brown American-built without
Loaned to me lots of times when I needed a "decent" car for high school dates. I think Dad still has the brown one...

1980-1981: 1968 VW Type III Squareback

Rear-ended by DReynolds with a Pontiac Tempest. Whole rear end stoved in and engine ingested something non-soft. Chassis Junked. Replaced chassis with 1961 VW Baja Bug.

1982-1985: 1961 VW Type I Beetle, with "Baja" body kit

Engine removed, replaced by the built-up Type III engine. 1835cc, Delorto, cams, compression, etc. Lots of money, lots of show, not much go. Traded in for 1969 Merlyn Mk 11A Formula Ford

c.1983-84: 1976 (?) Kawasaki 125cc(?)

Bought off Haus of VWs used car lot for commuting. Almost wrecked a couple of times, didn't drive it much. Traded for Merlyn Mk 11A Formula Ford, 1984

1984-85: 1969 Merlyn Mk 11 Formula Ford

Found in repair shop in Burkburnett TX, guy sold it to me on the agreement that I was not looking to resell it, that I would drive it
Traded Kawasaki motorcycle and 1961 Baja Bug for it, straight up
Raced in autocross events, 1985-86
Sold to <Bruce XX> of Camillus NY for $2500 in order to prepare the GTi for SCCA racing

1984-1985: 1976 VW Dasher

Bought off Haus of VWs used car lot, 1984
Built up with cams, engine and tranny rebuild, exhaust, GTi wheels, Corbeau seats
Destroyed in head-on collision with full-size Ford Thunderbird near Texas World Speedway, February 1985 (drunk driver, wrong side of Interstate highway).
Replaced with 1983 Rabbit GTi.

1985-1986: 1983 Rabbit GTi

Bought with down payment from insurance proceeds of Dasher.
Towed Formula Ford, drove in TIDA and SCCA Driver's schools 1985-86
Destroyed in rollover accident during SCCA Driver's School at Hallet Motor Speedway, 1987
Replaced with 1981 VW Scirocco S.

1986-1987: 1981 VW Scirocco S

Bought with proceeds from insurance settlement on GTi
Installed all GTi mechanical equipment, raced in ITB 1986-7
All good mechanical parts removed, sold with stock parts to Marcia <XXX?> of Dallas. She totaled it at an SCCA event at Hallett, c 1989
For racing, replaced with 1983 Shelby Charger; for street replaced with 1981 VW Convertible.

1988-1989: 1983 Dodge Shelby Charger

My attempt in 1988 of beating the ITA crowd in Texas. Had a good time
Engine blown by renter during last event of the year, 1988.
Remainder sold to Ed Peters for ITA. He ended up totaling it during a race event.
Replaced with 1987 Shelby CSX.

1988-1993: 1981 VW Rabbit Convertible

Bought from Ft Worth used car lot, c 1988
Installed all the go-fast parts from Scirocco and GTi, drove on the street until 1993
Drove to CT during move
Removed all go-fast goodies, 1993, and sold to CT kid right before deciding to stay in CT 1993
Replaced by 1987 Shelby CSX for street use.

1989-2000: 1987 Shelby CSX

National SSA car from 1989-1992.
Daily street driver, 1989, 1999
Sold to Matt Kessler, 2000
Replaced by 1983 Rabbit GTi and 1991 Audi 200tq

1993-present: 1984 Rabbit GTi

Intended to install all the go-fast goodies from the Convertible/Scirocco/old GTi and go ITB racing, 1993
Lost job, sold the whole thing to Bill Wittstein, 1993
Bought back everything, c 1997, restored the car to street condition
Drove for several years, delivered to Dad, XMas 2000
Dad still has it. It's now in torrid condition, free to a good home.
Not replaced.

c.1986-1991: Dodge 1/2-ton Pickup, 225 straight 6, 4-speed manual.

Used to pull race cars. Sold after 1992. From my buddy Phil: "...the winter of 1987-88 you taught me how to turn a 180 spin into a 360 spin in that truck. Also, that’s the truck that towed the Scirocco to Hallet and picked up the Charger in Houston"

1991: Chevy Suburban, big block 454 and auto tranny.

Used to pull race cars. Horrible fuel mileage, small fuel tank.
Sold and not replaced.

1986-1999: 1986 Toyota Supra Turbo

Thea's car when I met her in 1993.
Sold to a guy in Springfield MA; replaced with the 1999-1/2 Audi Avant

1999-2010: 1999-1/2 Audi A4 Avant

Thea's main ride.
Sold to Bill Morin, replaced by 2010 Jetta TDI Sportwagen

c.1998-2007: 1976 Honda CB550K

Bought from Steve Williams, c1998
Used to learn how to properly ride, and to get my moto endorsement
Sold back to Steve to be replaced with the BMW K100RS
Shipped to Steve, January 2007, expecting to be replaced by a later-model BMW K75. Didn't happen.

1999-2001: 1985 BMW K100RS

Bought via eBay sight unseen from <XXX> of Virginia
Sold to <?> of Hartford, CT summer 2001; not replaced, though eventually succeeded by the K100RS.

2008-2013: 1996 BMW R1200RS

Given to me by my Dad. Used occasionally
Wicked cool R-bike, one of the best
Sold 2013 because I got tired of drivers trying to kill me
I like riding, but this was not replaced. Likely done with street motorcycles

Honda Gyros, 2008-present

A whole series of Honda Gyro scooters, 1984 through 1986 models, for use at the race track
Think I've owned at least one of each: blue 1984, red 1984, black 1985 and red 1986
Current inventory  is one blue '84 and one black  '85
Need to find a JDM-only Honda Gyro X...

1999-2000: 1991 Audi 200q

Bought from New Hampshire dealership, 1999
Sold to George Fairbanks of Colorado, Summer 2000
Replaced with 2000 Audi S4.

2003-2004: 1984 VW Rabbit diesel

Bought December 2002 to use as a commuter car for driving Milford to Hartford on the new job. Spent TONS of time and money on it, only to lose interest after the project was done (and the commute was only 15 miles each way by then).
Sold to Ray Shedrick; not replaced.

2000-2011: 2000 Audi S4

Leased new, May 2000, purchased off-lease summer 2003. Replaced by 2011 VW GTI.

2003: 1989 Ford Econoline E-250

Bought from Jim Loughlin to use as a tow vehicle. Dropped a rebuilt engine and good used tranny in it, plus belts, hoses, gaskets, fluids, only to find the 5.0-liter gasser engine wasn't up to the task of pulling a race car trailer.
Sold on eBay to a fine gentleman from Chicago who drove all the way to pick it up.
Replaced with 1993 Ford E-350 Diesel.

2003-2005: 15' Open Econo-Trailer

For race car.
Replaced with 1989 24' enclosed Haulmark.

2005-2006: 1989 Haulmark 24' Enclosed Trailer (the black one)

Bought from Ben, used for hauling race car
Sold to Joe Dimino, replaced with 1999 Haulmark trailer.

2006-2008: 1999 Haulmark 24' Enclosed Trailer (the white one)

Bought from Steve O., used for hauling race car.
Sold on Craig's list, replaced by 2000 Classic 28'

2003-2005: 1993 Ford E-350 diesel cargo van

Installed lots of new parts (injectors, injector lines, glow plugs, GP controller, steering arm, ball joints)
Pulls the single-car race car and equipment well. Could use a turbo, but...
Replaced with 1999 E-350 V10 passenger van

2004-2005: 1994 Mazda Miata

Purchased January 2004 to build into a Spec Miata. Build process completed Winter 2004/05 and sold to Tony Senese.

August 2006-January 2007: 1991 Toyota MR-2

Bought to build into a new ITA car. Came to my senses (too much money, not enough much time) and sold it before build progressed too far.

2009-2010: 1997 Mazda Miata.

Bought to turn into an ITA race car. Came to my senses, fixed the rust, and sold it on Craig's List.

2004-2008: 1999 Ford E-350 V10 passenger van

Bought with Jeff Frederick to replace the Hyster E-350 diesel. Awesome condition, killer deals, pulls the race car and equipment like it's not even back there. Jeff took it with him to Florida when he moved but I bought it back from him when he stopped racing. Sold to Alan Lorenco on trade for the 2000 Excursion.

1992, then 2000-2007: 1992 Nissan NX2000

Bought new 1992 for SCCA SSB competition
Gave back to JJ Gertler at end of 1992 season, sold to Alan Himes of VA
Recovered and bought back, October 2000, rebuilt into an ITS racer
Sold to Tim Rogers, subsequently totaled at Road Atlanta. Still in Tim's garage in Georgia.
Replaced by ITS Acura Integra

2008-2008: 1995 Acura Integra GS-R

Partnership with Jeremy Billiel.
Totaled at Watkins Glen
Disassembled and scrapped, replaced by 1995 Acura Integra RS

1995-2013: 1977 Grumman Tiger

Bought from Rick Bletsis of Indiana.
Much restomodding
Sold after it was flooded in Tropical Storm Sandy
Really wish I'd kept it...

2008-present: 2000 Classic Dominator, 28' enclosed trailer. Replaced white 24-footer. Bought from Alan Lorenco. Mucho improvements.

2008-2015: 2000 Ford Excursion diesel, black, replaced white E-350 V10. Bought from Alan Lorenco. 

2015-present: 2001 Ford Excursion diesel, white, replaced black Excursion as it hit 325k miles. Bought via Craigslist from Chicago, pickup and money transfer was an interesting story... Great truck, wish Ford still made 'em.

2008-2015: 1995 Acura Integra RS

Purchased from Chris Perera, driven home after 2008 VIR 13.
Partnership with Jeremy Billiel.
Chassis built by Kessler, prepped to STU then STL specs. Run at 2010-2013 Road America Runoffs.
Replaced with 2008 Honda Civic Si

2015-present: 2008 Civic Si

Purchased from Jo-el
Partnership with Ed Werry
Bought as a secret weapon for the 2015 Runoffs, prepped to ITS spec to run in STL. Run at 2015 Daytona Runoffs (ITS/STL), 2016 Runoffs (STL), and 2019 VIR Runoffs (EP)
Has competed as T4, ITS, STL, STU, EP prep
Chassis built and maintained by Werry

2007-2011: 1993 Nissan NX2000

Bought as a street car from Raymond Nathan of Sanford, NC
Resto-modded with JDM SR20VE
Sold to Jimmi McCard to buy 1974 Porsche 914

2011-present: 1974 Porsche 914

Purchased non-running
Lots of serious resto-modding, including Microsquirt fuel injection

2014-present: 1974 Porsche 914 race car

Purchased from JP Stadleman, former ITS race car
Blown engine, replacement built by Chris Foley
Vintage/historics racer, maybe an occasionaly ITEZ appearance in SCCA Regional racing
Approved for Limtied-Prep FProd, so who knows...?

2010-2018: 2010 VW Jetta TDI sportwagen.

Thea's main ride. Great little car. Sorry we had to let it go back to VW
Replaced with 2016 Golf Sportwagen

2018-present: 2016 Golf Sportwagen, autotragic

Thea's new main ride. Boring, uninspiring. Shoulda kept the TDI.

2011-present: 2011 VW GTI

Replaced 2000 S4, Greg's main ride.

Wonder what's next...?